Isabel Keating | Partner
Media escorting and consulting, food styling.
Plays 5 sports, national ski champion, shoots trap with the boys.
33 years (yikes)!

Tim Hedges | Partner
Media escorting, lecture event and media consulting, food styling.
Driving technique compared to Paul Newman's.
17 years.

Sally Maenner
Media escorting.
Similar to Tim and Isabel but less jaded. BIG New York Ranger fan.
10 years.

Lois Lee
Food styling.
Baking matriarch, foolishly believes she's retired.
12 years.

Leslie Bush
Media Escorting.
Amassing real estate empire while we sleep.
6 years.

Cathy Schneeman
Media escorting, food stylist.
Can serve dinner for 10 with 15 minutes notice.
5 years.

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