Our 3 decades of experience will make your author or speaker feel like a native. (Minnesōta accent optional.)

With the universal belt-tightening in the publishing and lecture trades, it's never been more important to plan effective book tours and lecture events worthy of the investment. Our skillful guidance of your author or speaker will enable them to perform with insight and composure, and our Minneapolis/St. Paul market expertise will empower you to maximize the impact of their visit.

Learn how we make “effective” happen.

11,000 days, 9,000 clients,
10 car leases. The logistics
are 2nd nature.

We're constantly running logistics and anticipating obstacles long before they appear, which is actually fun when it's 2nd nature. The experience we've accrued in 30 years empowers our clients to focus on their appearances (not a car navigation screen).

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In 30 years of book tours we've seen a lot of speeches! (Literally from every angle.)

From bookstore events with 30 people to performances in 3,000 seat theaters, we've come to know what speakers need, what audiences want, and how lecture sponsors 
can upgrade their programs.
Learn how we provide insight/peace of mind.

“Tim Hedges is clearly
the very best nationally
at what he does... ” 
– Steven Barclay Agency

Naturally, we have an affinity for writers,
especially when they write kind words. 
But frankly, we've had so many amazing 
experiences with our exceptional clients,
it's more of a privilege than a job.
(But we still have to charge you.)
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Tim Hedges and Isabel Keating