Who we are.

One of the founding companies in the media escorting trade, Around Town Agency, led by Isabel Keating and Tim Hedges, has been dedicated to the care and feeding of authors for over 30 years.

In 1981, Isabel Keating, a native of Bar Harbor, Maine, acquired Around Town as a young agency and entered into the niche role of escorting authors on book tour. Possessing an art degree, Isabel found the experience of working with writers to be perfectly suited to her nature, and, with the help of a few original associates and the addition of "food styling" for cookbook authors, she fostered Around Town's growth as the Twin Cities book tour market expanded into the 1990s.

In 1993, Isabel was introduced to Tim Hedges by "Chez," a veteran doorman at the Marquette Hotel. A Minneapolis native and 'refugee' from restaurant management, Tim joined immediately found that taking custody of authors on tour was a natural fit. After a few years of learning the trade and paying some dues, Isabel and Tim became partners, and together they developed the business in earnest; generating new publishing clients, diversifying in to the lecture and media markets, and with the invaluable help of their exceptional associates, establishing Around Town Agency as a fixture in the Minneapolis/St. Paul cultural landscape.

"We feel so fortunate to work in such a fascinating and unique business. Inherent in our daily undertakings is a shared passion for books and the care and feeding of the brightest minds in America. We're proud of the advocacy we provide for authors, speakers and performers, and we regard the part we play in advancing their words and ideas to be honorable and rewarding."

– Isabel Keating and Tim Hedges

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